Handcrafted, locally manufactured, custom designed wooden furniture.

Made with expertise and wisdom, by craftsmen with decades of experience.

You Get What You Pay For

Custom Vs Mass Produced Furniture

There’s no denying that mass produced furniture is cheaper and more convenient than custom designed wooden furniture, but whoever said “you get what you pay for” knew exactly what they were talking about. Mass produced furniture is known for never quite fitting right in your home, and for being made up of inferior quality materials. Moreover mass produced furniture:

  • Comes with no guarantees
  • Contributes to environmental waste once thrown out
  • Made up of unsustainably sourced materials

Unsurpassed Benefits, Unrivalled Quality

Why Custom Designed Furniture is Better

There are a range of benefits that make bespoke pieces far better than their mass produced counterparts. Custom designed furniture is built with superior qualities, and made to ensure a perfect fit. From conceptualisation to design, to manufacture and installation, you can be involved every step of the way. 

Lifetime guarantee.

Longer lifespan with proper care, and won’t land up in a landfill.

Built with responsibly sourced materials.

Precision Workmanship, Bespoke Furnishings

Our Work

50 Years On

A Legacy Continued

Artecasa Furniture needs little introduction, as it has been a household name in exquisite wooden furniture since brothers Dino and Gianni Maraschin brought their inherited knowledge and experience from Europe to South Africa more than 50 years ago.

Now at the helm are twins, Claudio and Luigi Maraschin. With a mission to impart a legacy of heritage through fine craftsmanship, superior quality and design, Claudio and Luigi have brought Artecasa to the forefront of furniture manufacture once again. We offer you the unrivaled quality of the past, unique furniture tailored to your specific needs, expertise, style and excellent customer service.

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